About Us


Grants fundraising and project management consultants.

Axesfin leverages its decades of experience in business management, project management and partnerships management to help its clients achieve their :

(a) Financial Goals

(b) Social Goals

(c) Governance Goals

(d) Environmental Goals

We do this by building multifaceted and enduring partnerships with social enterprises, helping them to sharpen their grants and fundraising strategy and building their partnership and project management capacities.

This in turn helps them attract and effectively manage external investments as they move towards expanding their reach and amplifying their impact. For social enterprises in Africa, there is a diverse field of social investment, where hundreds of investors are deploying capital for ambitious social and environmental goals.

They include foundations, corporates, family organizations, high-networth individuals, sustainability-aligned fund managers, development finance institutions, bilateral and multilateral donors, governments, diaspora and faith-based organizations.

In Sub-Saharan Africa at least, many of these social investors, over 820 active social investors in Africa according to AVPA research, operate in silos.

Our Mission

Our mission is to drive transformative social impact by applying Axesfin’s talent for sourcing and managing different types of business partnerships with the most innovative and effective social enterprises who are addressing some of Africa’s most pressing challenges.

Who We Are

Our Founders

The company founders have extensive experience in partnerships, business management, and project management. The directors have 10 years of experience helping start-ups in multiple African markets, raise, manage debt and grant funds. Also with demonstrated stellar business management background of over 10 years in corporate and startups working with co-founders to build businesses and expand on different facets of the organization including; people, projects, physical expansion, finance processes and systems set up, legal, equity fundraising and ultimately drive towards achieving profitability.