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Welcome to Axesfin, where we're turning the page on Africa's development narrative. As an African-led social enterprise, we stand at the forefront of fostering substantial and sustainable impact across the continent. Our vision is rooted in the belief that Africa's transformation lies in the hands of its local visionaries — the community leaders, social entrepreneurs, and innovative organizations that breathe life into the African renaissance. We invite you to join us on this journey of impactful transformation, where together, we co-create a future that Africans envision for themselves.



Faced with a landscape where external actors have historically held the reins of development, Axesfin emerges as a local catalyst for change. We're not just advocates; we're activators. Our mission is clear: empower African changemakers with the means to forge their own future. We're here to amplify local voices, equipping them with funding, technical prowess, and expansive networks.





Our Commitment to Localization

We champion the philosophy that the most enduring solutions are homegrown. Thus, at Axesfin, we commit every day to bridge the gap between global resources and local African enterprises and non-governmental organizations. We are diligent matchmakers, aligning international donor intent with the pressing needs of grassroots endeavors. By localizing support, we ensure that every initiative is culturally resonant, community-approved, and sustainably ingrained in the fabric of African society.


Discover The Axesfin Approach

Rooted in Africa, Committed to Transformation

Choosing Axesfin means partnering with an organization that is dedicated to empowering local changemakers.

Sectoral Overview

At Axesfin, our sectoral expertise is not just about understanding the landscapes we operate in; it's about transforming them.


Our multidimensional team at Axesfin brings to the table a rare fusion of international developmental acumen and intimate local knowledge. This unique combination allows us to deliver an array of customized services — from fundraising strategies and partnership development to on-the-ground program implementation.

Our modus operandi is grounded in data-driven insights, ensuring our strategies are as effective as they are empathetic. By partnering with us, social investors, social enterprises, and organizations alike harness the power of collaborative transformation for a brighter, self-sustaining future on the African continent.

Services for Social Investors

Axesfin helps foundations, corporations, bilateral donors and iNGOs maximize impact through localization. We empower African changemakers’ expertise and networks to access funding, so they can lead sustainable community-led development and humanitarian assistance.

Social investors targeting Africa can leverage our local presence and contextual knowledge to:

  • Fund locally designed and led solutions that align with community priorities
  • Move from transactional, output-focused funding to flexible, long-term support
  • Transfer decision-making power and resources into the hands of local actors
  • Learn from and be accountable to communities and grassroots groups
  • Address root causes of systemic oppression and inequity

Services for Social Enterprises & NGOs

Axesfin helps social enterprise and NGO clients navigate the complex, rapidly changing philanthropic and social investment ecosystem by bridging our local knowledge and experience with our international exposure and networks. We provide specialized services spanning fundraising strategy, partnership development, program management, and monitoring and evaluation alongside technical assistance to strengthen organizational capacity. We prioritize a comprehensive approach to our partnerships, encompassing everything from strategic planning to on-the-ground implementation that aligns with our client's specific needs.

Meet our pioneers

With over two decades of collective experience in both the international development and startup ecosystems, our team unites a diverse blend of local and international expertise dedicated to driving sustainable profitability and societal impact.

$ 2.6 M

In investment directly raised for our clients


Esg and fundraising strategies developed with our partners

30 +

Projects co-created with partners and local communities


New partnerships brokered on behalf of clients